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Shaws Bespoke Joinery – Spray Shop

Our Sprayshop offers painting and staining in-house finished prior to installation allowing you to enjoy your new windows or doors just as soon as you have them. Our paint suppliers are European manufacturers and have enjoyed a high level of knowledge and standard for a good many years.

Our paints offer decorative properties as well as surface protection from entry of water (moisture) into the wood. Water penetration of non-durable wood is the greatest problem; not only will it result in variable dimensional change and possible splitting. Correctly painted surfaces should give relatively good protection for a good few years against all of the above. The paint system usually consists of a primer to seal the surface and provide a bond for later coats.


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Translucent wood stains

Our stains provide a coloured water repellent surface with fungicidal and micro porous properties, but unlike paint these wood stains are translucent, thus allowing the wood grain to show through. These stains usually give protection from weathering problems.

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10 year


All hardwood products/joinery supplied or manufactured and fitted by Shaws Joinery are covered by a ten year guarantee.

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