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More about our folding & sliding French doors

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More about our folding & sliding French doors

Safety – some people feel that having floor to ceiling glass doors is not as safe as other types of doors. However, folding sliding doors are made of doubled glazed glass that is designed to be durable and safe. This type of door is designed with security in mind and is equally as safe as your existing door. The strengthened glass can provide protection from the elements as well as added security to your home.

Room temperature – one of the frequently asked questions regarding folding sliding doors is how they will affect the temperature in the home. Some people are worried that the glass will increase the temperature in the room, turning the living room in to a greenhouse. Others worry that floor to ceiling glass doors will allow the heat to escape. Installing folding sliding doors does not mean that you are in for a cold winter; the glass used in the doors is filled with argon gas to ensure thermal efficiency. Unlike traditional glass doors, the argon gas makes your room a comfortable place to be all year round. If you have a south facing home, this kind of glass can help to control the temperature. Install folding sliding doors to enhance your living room, kitchen or conservatory.