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Conservatory Positioning- A Guide to What You Need to Know

Conservatory Positioning- A Guide to What You Need to Know

A conservatory can be a great addition to a home. Giving you additional floor space, a conservatory can be utilised in all manner of different ways to meet the needs of your household, however when it comes to positioning, there are a few important things you should know to ensure you make the best use of your conservatory throughout the year. To help you with this, we at Shaws Bespoke Joinery have created this guide to conservatory positioning detailing everything you need to know regarding your new structure;

North-Facing Conservatories

If your new conservatory will be north-facing, it is essential that you consider heating and insulation if you plan on making use of the space all year round. A conservatory built in this position will receive less direct sunlight in the afternoon and evenings so, especially in winter, without sufficient heating you may find it too cold to be used.

On the flip side to this, during the summer a north-facing conservatory will be lovely and warm in the mornings whilst providing a cooler retreat in the afternoons that helps you escape the heat that would be present if the conservatory were south-facing.

South-Facing Conservatories

South-facing conservatories are more likely to be suitable for use all year round as they enable you to make the most of any warm winter sun. However, during the summer, the conservatory will be in direct sunlight at the hottest part of the day so you may find it too hot to sit in or use comfortably. Due to this, large double doors and windows that let as much air in as possible should be considered, with the installation of air conditioning also a possibility.

Despite the heat of summer, south-facing conservatories are great locations to relax at the end of spring, summer and autumn days as the sun slowly sets and the conservatory remains nice and warm. It is also worth bearing in mind that generally all conservatories, through advancements in glass technology, can now make conservatories more habitable during the summer and more efficient during the winter as the glass helps retain the heat from within, whilst also reflecting it back into the room.

East-Facing Conservatories

East-facing conservatories are renowned for making great breakfast rooms as they benefit from the early morning sun, making for the perfect start to your day. It is important to bear in mind though that easterly winds can be cold so ensuring your conservatory is double glazed and has a heating system installed is essential in order to make best use.

West-Facing Conservatories

A west-facing conservatory is quite similar to a south-facing conservatory as you can benefit from the sun in the afternoon. However, conservatories that are west-facing will require heating for mornings when they can be particularly cold yet require less ventilation for warm afternoons than a south-facing construction as they offer a slightly cooler environment due to their positioning.

Hopefully this guide has enlightened you to what you can expect from the position of a conservatory, so if you would like to know more or discuss the installation of conservatories in Coventry from Shaws Bespoke Joinery, feel free to give us a call, send us an email or pop in to see us and we’ll be more than happy to help.