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3 Ways to Update Your Rugby Home

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3 Ways to Update Your Rugby Home

Your home will be your pride and joy, whilst also being the biggest investment you are ever likely to make, so it is understandable that you will want it to be just perfect to suit the needs of you and your family. In order to ensure this is always the case, you will more than likely regularly be on the lookout for improvements that could be made, which is where we at Shaws Bespoke Joinery come into the equation.

We have a vast amount of experience working on houses in the Rugby area and are well aware that there is a good mix of both modern and traditionally designed properties around, so we need to be able to adapt our designs to suit. Detailed below are just three of many improvements our expert team can provide your Rugby property with;


Utilising the very latest techniques, you may think that our windows won’t suit a more traditional home, however you’d be very wrong. Whilst you can be confident that they are made to last, our range of windows can be developed to suit both a traditional or contemporary style, with the 1930’s look being a popular choice for older homes in the Rugby area previously. If you want new windows that are going to look great in line with the period of your property at the same time as performing effectively in terms of energy efficiency, you’re making the right choice when choosing Shaws!


Alongside windows, another key aesthetic feature of your home is its front door. Following on from the production and installation of new windows, we can supply you with a new front door that suits your Rugby property perfectly, whilst of course providing the level of function required of such a feature of your home. We have the ability to copy and reproduce any door as we will custom make your new door to suit and fit your property, so if you have seen a style you like, let us know and we will create something based on it for you.


If you are looking for additional space within your home or alternatively wish for a room that you can sit back and relax in, a conservatory offers the perfect solution. All of our conservatories are built with you in mind, so following an in depth discussion about what it is you need from the space, we will devise initial plans for how the new structure will look and how it will benefit your property. From a small addition to something on a far grander scale, you will always be in safe hands.

To find out more about the services we can offer to those living in the Rugby area click here; we look forward to hearing from you soon with how you would like us to upgrade your property!